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Change in the Workplace: Coping with Transition

In today’s world, change happens quickly. Moving from old to new can be difficult. To help you cope with changes at work, remember these tips:

  • Give up what you can’t control.

  • Make decisions that are good for you. Don’t just react to change.

  • Separate fact from rumor.

Job changes

If your project, product, or process changes, you may be faced with new or extra duties. You may even have a new boss. Will your new job help you reach your goals? If so, great! Focus on learning any new technology or skills you’ll need to be successful. If this doesn't seem to be a good fit for you, start looking for another job that is closer to your goals.

Man using a desktop computer.

Getting promoted

After a promotion, you may miss your old job and your old coworkers. This will pass as you get involved in your new duties. Put in a little extra effort up front. Ask your new coworkers for advice or tips on doing well at the new job. Also, break your new tasks into small steps. Get training if you need it.

Company mergers

If your company changes ownership, you may wonder if you’ll still have a job in 6 months. To ease your fears, find out about the new firm. Do you share its values and work routines? If you do, get involved. Look for new opportunities. That might mean taking on new duties or relocating. If you’re still not sure, give yourself time to adjust. Patience is part of coping. Whether you leave or stay, make your decision and plan for it.

Online Medical Reviewer: Heather M Trevino BSN RNC
Online Medical Reviewer: Marianne Fraser MSN RN
Online Medical Reviewer: Rita Sather RN
Date Last Reviewed: 7/1/2023
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