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After Total Hip Replacement: Returning to Activity

By having a total hip replacement, you’re taking the first step to getting back to an active lifestyle. You’ll most likely use a walker to get around at first. You’ll be shown how to use your walker safely. As you recover at home, you’ll find yourself returning to your daily routine. Keep doing your exercises. And challenge yourself to walk even farther. Expect to see your efforts pay off as you increase your activity.

Woman walking on city street with walker.

Using your skills at home

In the hospital, you practiced getting out of bed, walking, and doing daily tasks safely with your new hip. Once you return home, it’s time to use what you’ve learned. To keep your hip safe, always think before you move.

Develop a walking program

A good way to practice walking is by making it part of your daily routine. Once walking becomes easier, follow a walking program. Members of your healthcare team can help you create a walking program that’s safe for you.

Extend yourself by walking farther

Slowly increase the amount of walking you do around your home. Getting your own glass of water, going outside for the mail, and doing household chores like dusting are ways to practice walking. As you recover, you’ll move on to advanced activities, such as using the stairs.

Practice a smooth stride

To move easily, you must walk with a smooth motion. Watch yourself in a mirror while you walk toward it. Or have someone watch you. Make sure you’re walking heel to toe, and with equal weight (and time) on each foot.

Being more active

The key to becoming active is sticking with your recovery program. Talk with your surgeon about the activities that you want to resume. Your surgeon will tell you when and how you can safely return to activities, such as sex, swimming, gardening, and driving.

Online Medical Reviewer: Rahul Banerjee MD
Online Medical Reviewer: Raymond Turley Jr PA-C
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Date Last Reviewed: 7/1/2023
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