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After Hip Replacement: Sitting Safely

Learn the safe way to sit to protect your new hip. Follow the instructions below.

Sitting higher

To protect your new hip, you must sit with your knees lower than or level with your hips. To do this, sit in chairs with high seats. Or you can place a firm pillow on the seat of a chair to help raise your hips.

Side view of seated person with dotted line showing knee lower than hip.
Your new hip has a limited range of motion. Always sit with your knees lower than or level with your hips.

To sit down

To sit down, back up until the edge of the chair touches your leg. Then, using the armrests to support your weight, lower yourself into the seat. Always keep your operated leg out in front.

Woman with a walker backing up into chair, one hand on walker and one on the arm of the chair. The chair is touching the back of her legs.
Back up until you feel the chair touching you.
Woman lowering herself into chair keeping operated leg slightly out in front.
Reach for the armrests. Keep your operated leg slightly out in front. Lower yourself without leaning forward.
Woman seated in the chair with her hips higher than her knees.
Sit, then lean back in the chair. Keep your hips higher than your knees. To stand up, reverse these steps.

Online Medical Reviewer: Rahul Banerjee MD
Online Medical Reviewer: Raymond Turley Jr PA-C
Online Medical Reviewer: Stacey Wojcik MBA BSN RN
Date Last Reviewed: 7/1/2023
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