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Exercise for Shoulder Strength: Internal Rotation

This exercise can help build shoulder strength and relieve pain over time. Talk with your healthcare provider before starting this exercise. Follow any special instructions from your healthcare provider or physical therapist.

  1. For this exercise, you can use an elastic band. Tie the ends of the band together to make a 3-foot loop. Attach the band to a fixed object, such as a knob on a closed door.

  2. Standing next to the door, hold the band with your elbow bent and close to your body.

  3. Slowly move your hand toward your belly. Make sure your elbow stays tucked into your side.

  4. Hold for 1 second. Then slowly return to the starting position.

  5. Repeat the movement 8 to 12 times per set. Do 3 sets.

Woman doing internal rotation shoulder exercise.

Frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder is also called adhesive capsulitis. This causes restricted movement in the shoulder. If you have frozen shoulder, this exercise may cause discomfort, especially when you first get started. A few months may pass before you get the results you want. But once your shoulder heals, it rarely becomes frozen again. So stick to your exercise program. If you have any questions, be sure to ask your healthcare provider.

Online Medical Reviewer: Dan Brennan MD
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Date Last Reviewed: 7/1/2023
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