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Home Safety After Joint Surgery

If your movement is limited during recovery, ask a family member or friend to help prepare your living space. This helps make it safer and more comfortable while you heal. Use the tips below as a guide.

Home safety tips

Inside of home showing how to prepare for recovery: Install stair railings, prepare bedroom on main level, add firm pillows to low chairs, keep items within reach, move electrical cords out of the way, remove throw rugs, watch for small objects on floor like pets and toys.

  • Stock up on toiletries, foods that are easy to prepare, and other items you’ll need during recovery. Prepare meals that you can freeze ahead of your surgery so you have ready-made meals available.

  • Store foods and other supplies at arm level. This makes it easier to reach things without straining.

  • Keep a cell phone close so it's within easy reach at all times.

  • Ask your healthcare provider whether you need to limit using stairs. If you do, and you normally sleep upstairs, prepare a bedroom on the main living level.

  • Make sure rooms are well-lit.

  • Keep items you use often in easy reach.

  • Move electrical cords out of the way so they don’t trip you.

  • Remove throw rugs to prevent slipping or tripping.

  • Watch for pets or small objects on the floor.

  • Add firm pillows to a low chair to help make getting up easier.

Ask friends and family to help out by checking in with you regularly. They may also help by running simple errands or doing small jobs around the house as you recover. 

Online Medical Reviewer: Raymond Turley Jr PA-C
Online Medical Reviewer: Stacey Wojcik MBA BSN RN
Online Medical Reviewer: Thomas N Joseph MD
Date Last Reviewed: 7/1/2023
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