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After Hip Surgery: Mastering Daily Tasks

You must learn how to follow hip safety while doing daily tasks. This includes using special aids to help you prevent bending. With a therapist’s help, you will practice doing daily tasks safely with your new hip.


To prevent bending your hip too much while bathing, use a long-handled sponge and a shower hose. Your therapist can show you how to use a shower bench or chair in the bathtub or shower stall.


A sock aid and a long-handled shoehorn let you put on and take off socks, stockings, and shoes without bending your hip too much. Other tools can help you put on underwear and pants.

Housekeeping and cooking

A reacher can come in handy when you need to grasp objects that are too far above or below you. Try to store items at a convenient height. Small items can be carried in a basket on your walker.

Healthcare provider showing woman how to use long-handled reacher.

Getting into cars

As a passenger, make sure the car seat is all the way back. Keeping your operated leg forward, lower yourself onto the seat. Allow the seat to support you. Then slide back in a semireclining position, and pivot your body. Bring your legs into the car one at a time. Try to stay away from deep or especially low car seats that would cause a lot of hip flexion when you get in or out.

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