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Lower Body Strengthening After Amputation

After amputation surgery, you’ll need to stretch and strengthen your residual limb. This will help prevent shortening of muscles and tightening of joints. You need to keep your residual limb strong and flexible in order to use a prosthesis. A physical therapist will teach you exercises to strengthen your lower body. You may begin working with the physical therapist before or after surgery. You’ll need to keep doing these exercises once you go home or as directed. Follow all instructions from the physical therapist closely. If you have any questions, be sure to ask them. Below are some of the exercises you may learn.

Starting position

These exercises can be done on a firm bed or other flat, comfortable surfaces.

Hip abduction

Man with amputated right leg lying on his left side, raising right amputated leg.

  • Lie on your side with your residual limb on top. Support your head with your arm or a pillow.

  • Make sure your hips are straight up and down, not leaning forward or back. Keep your natural limb bent slightly on the bed for support.

  • Slowly lift your residual limb toward the ceiling. Don’t let your hip fall backward as you lift.

  • Hold for a few seconds at the top of the movement.

  • Slowly lower residual limb and relax.

  • Repeat  10 times. Do  1 set  1 time a day.

Prone hip extension

Man with amputated right leg, lying face down on stomach lifting amputated leg upward.

  • Lie flat on your stomach. Support your head with your arms or a pillow.

  • Keeping your hips flat on the bed, slowly raise your residual limb toward the ceiling. Don’t twist or raise your hip as you lift. Keep your natural limb flat on the bed and relaxed.

  • Hold for a few seconds or as directed by your physical therapist or healthcare provider.

  • Slowly lower your residual limb and relax.

  • This exercise may also be repeated with your natural limb.

  • Repeat  10 times. Do  1 set  1 time a day.


Man with amputated leg lying face down on stomach, head supported by pillow.

  • Lie flat on your stomach. Support your head with your arms or a pillow.

  • Keep your natural limb stretched out straight.

  • Keep hips flat on the bed. Try not to twist or raise your hip on the residual limb side.

  • Breathe deeply and relax, letting gravity stretch your hip muscles.

  • Hold for  30 minutes. Repeat  3 times a day.

Online Medical Reviewer: Marianne Fraser MSN RN
Online Medical Reviewer: Rita Sather RN
Online Medical Reviewer: Trina Bellendir PT
Date Last Reviewed: 9/1/2023
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