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Eye Safety at Work

The goal of eye safety is to protect your vision. Eye hazards are everywhere. Only you can help protect your eyes and your sight by wearing the appropriate protective eyewear for the hazards you encounter. Mark each statement below true or false. Answers appear at the bottom of the page.

  1. Both safety glasses and regular eyeglasses meet OSHA and ANSI requirements. TRUE or FALSE

  2. The lenses and frames are both stronger on ANSI-approved safety glasses than on regular glasses. TRUE or FALSE

  3. Because everyone's head is shaped differently, protective eyewear needs to be checked for fit. TRUE or FALSE

  4. Face shields can be worn without additional eye protection. TRUE or FALSE

  5. Goggles with direct air flow can be worn when working with chemicals that may splash. TRUE or FALSE

  6. Welding helmets may be worn without additional eye protection. TRUE or FALSE

  7. Rubbing your eye is a good way to remove foreign particles. TRUE or FALSE

  8. If a chemical gets splashed in your eyes, flush your eyes for at least 15 minutes. TRUE or FALSE

  9. You only have to wear eye protection when you feel like it. TRUE or FALSE

  10. Never try to remove an object embedded in the eye. Instead, get medical attention. TRUE or FALSE


1. False, 2. True, 3. True, 4. False, 5. False, 6. False, 7. False, 8. True, 9. False, 10. True.

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Date Last Reviewed: 12/1/2021
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