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Leg and Knee Exercises: Hip Pulls

This exercise helps build strong, balanced leg muscles. Make sure to adjust exercise bands as advised by your physical therapist. To do the exercise:

  • Stand with one leg about 1 foot away from a wall. Your feet should be hip width apart. The ankle of your other leg should be attached to a pulley or rubber tubing. Put that leg 1 step behind.

  • Pull your attached foot forward. Keep your knees straight but not locked. Point your toe straight forward unless told otherwise by your therapist.

  • Return your leg slowly and steadily to the starting position. Do this as many times as advised by your physical therapist.

  • Repeat the steps with your other leg.

Woman doing hip pulls.


To prevent injury, always warm up and stretch before your strength exercises. Ask your therapist how the warm-up and stretching should be done and for how long. Stop any exercise that causes pain. Discuss it with your physical therapist or healthcare provider.

Try to keep your back straight. Have the motion come only from the hip.

Online Medical Reviewer: Rita Sather RN
Online Medical Reviewer: Stacey Wojcik MBA BSN RN
Online Medical Reviewer: Trina Bellendir PT
Date Last Reviewed: 9/1/2023
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