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Health Tip: Store Refrigerated Food Safely

(HealthDay News) -- Refrigeration can help keep food safe from germs and prevent food-borne illnesses.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration suggests these refrigeration tips:

  • Marinate food in the refrigerator instead of at room temperature. Bacteria can multiply rapidly at room temperature.

  • Never reuse marinating liquid unless you bring it to a rapid boil first to kill any germs.

  • Clean the refrigerator often and wipe spills immediately to reduce the growth of bacteria.

  • Prevent drips from thawing meat that can allow germs from one food to spread to another.

  • Cover foods in the refrigerator.

  • Check leftovers daily for spoilage.

  • Store eggs in the carton in the refrigerator itself rather than on the door, where the temperature is warmer.

  • Always check expiration dates.

  • If food looks at all questionable or is past its expiration date, throw it out.

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